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Here, we explore the diverse and insightful world of autism. We delve into various topics surrounding autism spectrum disorder, offering valuable information, personal stories, and resources. Whether you’re seeking understanding, support, or the latest updates, join us on this journey of knowledge and compassion.

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Autism and Insurance Coverage - A chat with Matt

Autism and Insurance Coverage, A chat with Matt, our Insurance Guru

Working with Insurance companies while getting autism treatment for your child can be complex. Yet, understanding some basic fundamentals and tips will help you tremendously. Matt Croke, Billing Manager at BY YOUR SIDE took some time to answer questions about insurance challenges, misconceptions and the best part of working with families at BY YOUR SIDE. Read More

An Inside Look into ABA Therapy

An Inside Look into ABA Therapy

What does ABA therapy look like in a practical application? We spoke with the Sr. Manager of Clinical Services and another BCBA to gain insight into the preparation, collaboration, facilitation, and results of a typical ABA therapy session. Read More

A Recipe for Teaching Skills in the Kitchen

Involving your child in kitchen activities helps build important skills. How do you get started? Read our blog for tips for cooking with your child, including a list of fun recipes to try at home! Read More

Shopping for Holiday Gifts

Are you looking for some good gift ideas for a child with autism? We spoke with some BYS clinicians to get their considerations and recommendations for great gifts to give this holiday season. Read More

Happy Sensory-Friendly Halloween!

It’s the spookiest time of year, Halloween! Sometimes, overstimulating lights, decorations, or festivities can be stressful for individuals with autism. Have no fear! Our BYS team has researched tips and strategies to help your child prepare to celebrate the season, including sensory-friendly Halloween activities and crafts for the whole family to enjoy. Read More

Creating a Routine for Your Child with Autism

Schedules and routines are essential for daily tasks and activities, but it’s especially important for children with autism to have a good structure. Sami, Sr. Director of ABA Delivery at BYS, discusses the best methods to create and implement a new routine for your child to help promote independence. Read More

Summer Sensory Activities for Families

Getting outside for sensory play is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and have fun! Check out these recommended summer activities from the BYS Sr. Director of Speech and Occupational Therapy and try them with your family this summer. Read More

Family Game Night

Family Game Nights can have many benefits for you and your child with autism. Read about the positive impact that game nights can have on you and your family, along with suggestions from our BCBA on which ones you should try first! Read More

Your Child and Wearing Masks

Last year brought about a new way of living day-to-day for everyone. We sat down with BY YOUR SIDE BCBA Natalija to discuss tips and tricks on how to get your child accustomed to wearing a mask! Read More

Helping Your Child Prepare for Winter Weather

BY YOUR SIDE knows that the changing weather can cause stress for families and children with autism, so we’ve put together a few tips for you to try at home that may help your kiddo become more accustomed to wearing winter clothing. Read More

Home-Based ABA Therapy at BY YOUR SIDE

Home-based ABA therapy is yet another way that BY YOUR SIDE helps children and families. Kristina Tejeda, BCBA at BY YOUR SIDE shared excellent insight on the highlights of home based ABA therapy. Read More

Hitting the Right Notes, Music Therapy and Autism

Music Therapy for children on the autism spectrum is becoming more and more popular. Owner of Dynamic Lynks, Alyssa Wilkins, MT/ BC (Music Therapist/Board Certified) shared information with BY YOUR SIDE on advantages of Music Therapy and how it helps children on the spectrum. She has a lot to say about Read More

Holiday Fun in the Kitchen with Kids!

Holidays bring families together for fun, entertainment and cooking. This time of the year includes some of our favorite meals, and family recipes. Here are some tips when cooking with your child on the autism spectrum. Read More

Keeping Your Child and Family Fit

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. In this era of video games, iPads, social media, and more “sit on the couch” activities, it is difficult to get kids to go outside and play. This is why being more intentional about keeping children active, is very important. Here are some tips to get up and go! Read More

Tips for Summer Road Trips with the Kids

A few ways to combat the challenges of a summer road trip include great preparation, timing your trip just right, and making a comfortable environment in the car with your child’s favorite things. Read More

Careers in Therapy-Speech Therapy at BY YOUR SIDE

Speech language pathologists, or SLPs, play an important role in helping children with communication issues such as conversation, non-verbal communication and concept skills. At BY YOUR SIDE, we are very fortunate to have several SLPs at both our Burr Ridge and Schaumburg centers who are highly skilled and very dedicated to helping our kids with skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Read More

5 Tips for Holiday Shopping With Children on the Autism Spectrum

During the holiday season, malls are decorated with bright colorful lights, trees, Santas, elves and more. While festive, this can be over stimulating for children on the spectrum. Here are some suggestions for making shopping more fun and comfortable for you and your child on the autism spectrum. Read More

Halloween Fun with BY YOUR SIDE

Halloween can be a challenge if you have a child on the autism spectrum. Some parts of the holiday can be overwhelming and scary when your child doesn’t understand or feel in control. The most popular activities such as trick or treating, projects, parties, and wearing costumes can be easier for them to enjoy with a few preparationsRead More

Back to School Time – Taking Care of You

For a child on the autism spectrum, going back to school and leaving summer behind, can be very difficult. After all, you and your family have gotten into a different daily summer routine. Read More

Your Child’s Path to Friendship

Friendships are an important foundation to have for all of us. Children on the autism spectrum want to have great friendships but may have trouble establishing them. Read More

5 Tips for Summer Transition for Kids with Autism

Summer holidays can be challenging for families with kids on the autism spectrum. Changes take place during the season, which can be a tough adjustment for kids, as they are spending more time at home and less time in schools. Read More

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