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Home-Based ABA Therapy at BY YOUR SIDE

Home-based ABA therapy is yet another way that BYS helps children and families. Our therapists can come into the home, and in their everyday community settings such as schools and doctors appointments.  We offer ABA therapy that is beneficial for the entire family, and their schedules. Kristina Tejeda, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for BYS answered some questions about home-based ABA Therapy.

1. Can you share the top 2 advantages of home-based therapy?

The top two advantages of home-based therapy are the tailoring and the training that comes along with the therapy plan. Providing home-based therapy allows for the BCBA to tailor your child’s therapy plan to address concerns and requests across home, school, and multiple community settings where the child is in contact with several different people and peers. We can easily provide support in these settings as well as provide training to caregivers and others involved in the child’s life. The opportunities for teaching in the natural environment are endless. In doing so, we are able to better support the child in bringing and maintaining skills learned while in therapy sessions to other settings and with other people.

2. As a BCBA, what is your favorite part of doing home-based ABA therapy?

As a BCBA, my favorite part of being involved in home-based therapy is seeing, first-hand, the child’s progress come to life, outside of a single environment such as a clinic, center, or workroom. When a child can maintain and use skills learned in their everyday routine, they gain more independence and confidence. It is also rewarding to see the joy of parents when their hard work and dedication to their child’s success proves fruitful. Our goal is not to be with your child for a lifetime, but to help them achieve a point where they can transition out of ABA Therapy and either be successful on their own, or have the support of others who have also learned from us along the way.

3. What is a success story that stands out in your mind, as a result of home-based therapy?

A success story that stands out to me is a child who, upon starting therapy, had frequent dangerous and disruptive behaviors that were difficult to manage. These behaviors impeded on his social, emotional, and academic success. Over time, his dangerous and disruptive behaviors have greatly decreased giving him the ability to participate in many activities, new tasks, interact more appropriately with peers, and demonstrate overall progress. He has come such a long way with the help of a strong therapy team and family! Communication and collaboration between caregivers and the therapy team, increased natural opportunities for teaching the child, and consistency has been key to his ever-growing success!

4.  What type of environment does a family need in order to have home-based ABA therapy?

One of the biggest challenges to home-based ABA therapy is when the environment is disrupted, causing the environment to no longer be therapeutic. Disruptions include distracting phone calls or conversations, background noise such as TVs or music, interrupting sessions for reasons other than what is necessary for therapy to continue, and interfering with the therapy plan which has been approved by the family prior to implementation. While it is great for children to learn how to work through distractions, it is not a goal we recommend early on in therapy. We want the children to feel success and learn that their hard work is beneficial to them. We want them to get the reward!  We also do not want a very busy workroom. It is beneficial to have a sturdy table and chairs available which are the size of the child, a door to the workroom is ideal to prevent elopement, preferred toys/items which can be placed in clear plastic containers so that the child can see them but they can be limited to when the therapist makes them available, preferred toys/items which are only available during therapy, a water bottle and in some cases, closable containers with edibles that are cut into small bite-sized pieces are also beneficial. BY YOUR SIDE is happy to help families create a great environment in their homes for ABA therapy.

As you can see, home-based ABA therapy can be a great option for children and families. 

Kristina Tejeda is a BCBA in Schaumburg. Below is more about Kristina.

Kristina Tejeda is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for BYS. She holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Aurora University. Prior to joining BYS, she worked with both children and adults in group home, therapeutic day school, and adult vocational settings. She is passionate about supporting meaningful growth through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

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