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Blue Parachute® is a leading provider of online behavioral therapy lessons for parents and caregivers all over the globe. The company was created by the founder of BY YOUR SIDE Autism Therapy Services and utilizes the experience and skills of licensed and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Blue Parachute has been able to successfully aid parents with self-driven, step-by-step video lesson plans designed to navigate the best possible ways to teach a child meaningful everyday tasks. 

Please know that Blue Parachute lesson plans are not intended to replace an ABA treatment plan as prescribed by a certified or licensed behavior clinician. However, these lesson plans can help provide parents with some meaningful guidance for specific behaviors and skill-building while waiting for an in-person ABA treatment plan, or for those families in more rural areas where clinicians are not available. 

You can access the videos from Blue Parachute® on any device via a monthly, fee-based, subscription service or a one-time video purchase.

Click HERE to be redirected to Blue Parachute’s Website.

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