BYS 005 - Julie Martin - BY YOUR SIDE center director

Julie Martin is the center director, as well as the lead SLP and BCBA, of BY YOUR SIDE autism center.  In this episode, we spend the full podcast discussing why it’s sometimes difficult for a child to transition from one place to another and tips on how those transitions can be made easier.  The conversation moves into the topic of change, which as Julie points out, is the same as transition, yet can have its own set of challenges.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Talk about how the smallest changes to the child’s environment can have huge effects.
  • Do you have to prepare differently for major changes compare to minor changes?
  • What does Julie mean by a child’s “North Star” and how does that affect them.
  • Change is a feeling of loss of control and how to give the child some control back.
  • Your child is having a melt-down right in the middle of a store. What can you do?
  • What is ABA and what it truly means.

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