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BYS Academy

The School Readiness Program that is BY YOUR SIDE Every Step of the Way!

Are you considering Preschool or concerned that your child may face challenges when starting school? BYS Academy prepares your child for the school environment through social interaction, structure and basic learning skills. It’s a great way to incorporate a customized school program into a child’s therapy plan if you feel that school readiness is a concern. Our program follows a classroom setting and structure, but still allows 1:1 support with an individualized program that is managed by a BCBA with collaborative efforts from the Speech and Occupational Therapy teams. BYS Academy also has rolling enrollment, so you can enroll your child at any time.

BYS Academy teaches the skills needed for success in the school environment!

BYS Academy will prepare your child with:

  • Basic Learning Skills

  • Classroom Structure

  • Social Skills

  • Play Skills

  • 1:1 Support 

  • Turn-Taking

  • Individualized Program

  • and more!

Watch to learn more about BYS Academy!

Where is BYS Academy offered?

All locations – Morton Grove, Tinley Park, Burr Ridge, Schaumburg, St. Charles (Spring 2020), and Norcross, GA (Spring 2020)!

When is BYS Academy?

Classroom times occur 9:00am–12:00pm and 1:00pm–4:00pm Monday through Thursday. During the 3 hours, a lead facilitator will act as the classroom teacher to direct the classroom activities, clients, and their BTs.

Are there different levels of BYS Academy?

There are 4 total levels to the program. Levels 1-3 are 3 hours in length and Level 4 is 1 hour in length. These levels increase in skill level required beginning with Level 1 and growing in progression to Level 4. There is a minimum of 2 clients and maximum of 6 clients in the classroom.

How does progression look for clients as they gain skills?

Report cards are completed on a quarterly basis to show skills that each client has gained over time. Each report card will be based on inclusion criteria for the next level up (e.g., client in Level 2 – based on inclusion criteria for Level 3).

Is there additional cost to attend BYS Academy?

BYS Academy is a group-instructed extension of your child’s current ABA therapy program and insurance coverage. There is no additional cost.


For more information or to enroll, please contact us at (866) 429-7543!