BY YOUR SIDE is a multi-discipline therapy service provider to the Autism Community with a focus in 3 KEY ENVIRONMENTS.

Our centers were designed with rooms representative of a home setting to provide a structured environment to generalize skills. Each room provides the opportunity to learn necessary skills in a purposeful and relevant environment.

Center based therapy provides the opportunity for a multidisciplinary team to address the four hallmark characteristics of autism communication, social interactions, maladaptive behaviors, and sensory.

We provide ABA services and parent coaching in the home that focuses on daily living, leisure, communication skills and behavior supports. Sibling and parent involvement allow for generalization of social communication and leisure activities. In-home therapy also addresses behaviors in their natural environment and provides opportunities for parent/caregiver coaching.

We are partnering with public, private and charter schools to provide individualized therapy service to meet school staffing needs. Because we are locally based, we can meet with your staff and administrators to ensure that our qualified and licensed therapists are meeting and exceeding the expectations of the districts we serve. Additionally, this partnership is intended to provide parent training resources, staff training resources and a community resource to school personnel and families.
Autism Society of IL supports the efforts of BY YOUR SIDE - An Autism language center