Social Groups

The objective of the group session is to learn to actively interact with peers to gain new information, share a common focus (both abstract and concrete) and express ideas to engage in meaningful interactions and develop relationships. Social group services are provided by either the Speech Language pathologist or BCBA with expertise in the area of social reciprocity, positive social behaviors, emotional regulation and communication skills.

Social group targets specific technical skills while also providing overall support for positive and productive engagement and interactions with others.

Below is a list of some of the skills targeted by Social Group Therapy.

This list is not inclusive.

  • Request to peers

  • Responding to peers

  • Engage in sustained interactions

  • Cooperating with rules of an activity

  • Answering questions

  • Making meaningful comments

  • Initiate or extend a conversation

  • Join an activity

  • Compromising

  • Topic maintenance

  • Eye contact and body language

  • Positive learning models

  • Homework groups

“My son has become more comfortable in social settings. We can see a noticeable difference.”
Jorge Rodriguez