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Every individual is unique and makes a wonderful contribution to the world. 

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Dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. 

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BY YOUR SIDE Autism Therapy Services

Dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.
We offer a multidisciplinary approach in a variety of settings – in-center, in-home, and
in-community. Our comprehensive approach includes ABA, occupational, speech-language, and feeding therapies.

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BYS 032: Anna Kalinowski-Kluzik
Released: May 22, 2018

We have always known that parents who have children on the spectrum are special people. Yet, we sometimes forget that our parents are facing battles outside of the autism world. Anna Kalinowski-Kluzik is a single mom, has two children on the spectrum, and is currently battling cancer. She talks about her love for life, her love of music, and her love for her children. A true inspiration.

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