BYS 040: From Nonspeaking Autistic Child to Professional Speaker
Released: September 15, 2021



Dr. Kerry Magro is autistic and also a force in his community. His journey started as a nonverbal child and he has grown into an award-winning professional speaker, best-selling author, movie consultant, mentor, and non-profit founder. He cares deeply for individuals with autism and his personable and compassionate communication style provides a multitude of insights into an autistic child growing to adulthood. In this interview, Kerry addresses what he calls a parent’s million-dollar question, “What will happen to my child when I’m gone?” Dr. Magro has published best-selling books including such titles: Defining Autism from the Heart, and Autism and Falling in Love: The One that Got Away, and several others. He has given TedTalks on the topics of what happens when children with autism become adults and their path to college. We hope you enjoy this podcast. To learn more about Kerry, simply search him on YouTube or visit his website at