BYS 004 - Eunice McConville - Parent of a child with autism

Eunice has been taking her child to BY YOUR SIDE for over 4 years and has become the parent that we send other parents to talk to if they have questions about having a child of the spectrum.  Eunice tells us of her low points and how community involvement has been one of the best moves she’s made.

In this episode:

  • Eunice relays the questions and concerns she hears from other parents who talk to her about their child being on the spectrum.
  • When to push Chip further and when she can tell he’s had enough and needs a break.
  • The importance of building a relationship with the school and teachers.
  • Eunice relives when she threw her hands up and stopped all therapy and with her husband’s help was able to reset and reach the success she sees today.

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