BYS 006 Cindy Zinzer: Parent of a child with autism

Cindy has a 9 year old daughter who has been dealing with seizures her whole life. Cindy talks about a very scary moment in the middle of the night where her daughter was having an episode, and a touching insight when her other daughter wrote a paper for school about her sister seizures, a feeling Cindy never knew until she finished reading the assignment.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Cindy talks about Rebecca and her seizure history and how her daughter has to sleep with her as she has the episodes at night.
  • Cindy gives an insight to what real lack of sleep looks like.
  • Talks about the challenges of Rebecca’s rocking and how it has destroyed furniture and the captains chair in the car.  Problem is, she rocks when she’s happy.  Cindy talk about ways to keep the rocking down
  • Give advice of the one thing that she feels has helped her the most with Rebecca
  • A long overdue vacation for the family and what it did for them. Plus the power of the ocean.

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