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5 Tips for Summer Transition for Kids with Autism

Summer holidays can be challenging for families with kids on the autism spectrum. Changes take place during the season, which can be a tough adjustment for kids, as they are spending more time at home and less time in schools. However, there are some steps we can take to make this transition smooth:

1. Include a routine task in the daily schedule

Include some type of routine into the daily schedule. For example, if your child likes reading, create a specific time when they can read a book during the day. Another example is having breakfast at the same time each morning, with the family. Scheduled activities can go a long way, and can create a comfortable sense of routine for the your child.

2. Incorporate chores during the day

Chores can be a great way for skill building at home. You can have your kids help you move around the furniture in a new way. (this helps in muscle building as well). Some kids like water play as an activity. Try doing the dishes together, or watering flowers. Activities like this will help you in getting work done around the house, will giving your child a fun task as well.

3. Utilize your neighborhood’s resources

Some of the neighborhood libraries provide resources for kids on the spectrum. Park districts can also be a place to find special needs classes,social stories events or sports. These activities will create quality time with your child, and give them something to look forward to.

4. Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities can be somewhat challenging, but you don’t have to go far from home! Having a BBQ on your own patio may be less challenging than other places. In addition to incorporating a structured activity, this will also teach your child a step by step process. Who knows, they may learn to make a tasty dish or two!

5. Potty training

Summer is one of the best times as a parent to potty train your child! They spend extra time at home, and have more one on one time with you.  This will get your fall off to a great start!

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