Your Child and Wearing Masks

Last year brought about a new way of living day-to-day for everyone. We sat down with BY YOUR SIDE BCBA Natalija to discuss tips and tricks on how to get your child accustomed to wearing a mask! Read More


Helping Your Child Prepare for Winter Weather

BY YOUR SIDE knows that the changing weather can cause stress for families and children with autism, so we’ve put together a few tips for you to try at home that may help your kiddo become more accustomed to wearing winter clothing. Read More


Keeping your Child Engaged & Learning at Home with Arts & Crafts

BY YOUR SIDE knows that it has been a challenging year for many families. We’ve found a variety of arts and crafts for you and your children to do at home to stay engaged and continue to develop sensory skills. Read More

Halloween Tips and Tricks: Strategies for Coping with Your Child’s Fears

BY YOUR SIDE knows Halloween can be scary time of year for some children. To help you prepare for the upcoming holiday, we’ve prepared strategies to make Halloween an enjoyable holiday for everyone. Read More


Home-Based ABA Therapy at BY YOUR SIDE

Home-based ABA therapy is yet another way that BY YOUR SIDE helps children and families. Kristina Tejeda, BCBA at BY YOUR SIDE shared excellent insight on the highlights of home based ABA therapy. Read More

Hitting the Right Notes, Music Therapy and Autism

Music Therapy for children on the autism spectrum is becoming more and more popular. Owner of Dynamic Lynks, Alyssa Wilkins, MT/ BC (Music Therapist/Board Certified) shared information with BY YOUR SIDE on advantages of Music Therapy and how it helps children on the spectrum. She has a lot to say about Read More

Holiday Fun in the Kitchen with Kids!

Holidays bring families together for fun, entertainment and cooking. This time of the year includes some of our favorite meals, and family recipes. Here are some tips when cooking with your child on the autism spectrum. Read More

Autism and Insurance Coverage, A Chat With Matt, our Insurance Guru

Working with Insurance companies while getting autism treatment for your child can be complex. Yet, understanding some basic fundamentals will help you tremendously. Matt Croke, Billing Manager at BY YOUR SIDE took some time to answer questions about Read More

Keeping Your Child and Family Fit

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. In this era of video games, iPads, social media, and more “sit on the couch” activities, it is difficult to get kids to go outside and play. This is why being more intentional about keeping children active, is very important. Here are some tips to get up and go! Read More

Advice from a Hairstylist: Taking Your Special Needs Child for a Haircut

Many salons now have stylists with special training for children on the spectrum. Co-Manager and Stylist Angela Rodriguez of KidSnips shared information with BY YOUR SIDE on the preparation, methods and tips that make hair care easier, even fun. Read More

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