Expertise in the four hallmark
characteristics of autism...
- Communication
- Social Interactions
- Maladaptive Behaviors
- Sensory

Our Mission

BY YOUR SIDE – Autism Therapy Services is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals/families on the autism spectrum. We understand that autism is a complex disorder, and effective treatment requires a comprehensive approach specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual, as well as the family.

Our multidisciplinary program includes ABA, occupational, and speech-language therapies, along with family services. Our dedicated team has expertise in the four hallmark characteristics of autism: communication, social interactions, maladaptive behaviors, and sensory. We also offer our comprehensive approach in a variety of settings – in-center, in-home, and in the community.

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Our Philosophy

BY YOUR SIDE - Autism Therapy Services (BYS) believes that every individual is unique and makes a wonderful contribution to the world.

We believe that they have smiles to give, laughter to share, and connections to make. We believe that everyone has something to say. It is our job to help them become a more active and participating member of their family and community.

We believe that communication is the essential element which connects each of us to the world and it is our goal to help them connect and engage. We value the individuality of these children and young adults. Our goal is to help them be the best possible version of themselves. We believe it is critical to focus on the needs in a variety of environments and activities in order to achieve this goal.

It is our philosophy that the individual with autism, the family, and the therapist can learn from each other. It is as much the job of the therapist to listen as it is to teach. We believe we cannot effectively teach until we take the time to understand. At BYS your perspective and knowledge of your child is valued.

“Ever since my son began at BYS, he has become more outgoing, and says hello to people he sees from his school.”

-Proud BYS Parent

In order to provide quality care that generalizes into everyday life; it is critical that clients and families remain an active member of the therapy team. The family must see purpose and reasonable progress in therapy in order to create success across a variety of environments. Carryover of therapy techniques by the family in multiple settings i.e.: home, school, extracurricular activities, etc. is an integral part of the client’s success. Without the dedication of the family to carryover therapy techniques, the generalization into everyday life will be limited.

We strive to actively and meaningfully engage in therapy sessions so our client-therapist relationship will always be built on trust. The client must feel safe in the emotional environment in order to try new and challenging activities. Each individual has a right to feel accepted by both peers and adults, and to be engaged in a variety of activities that allow you to feel accomplishment, pride and positive self-esteem. Each individual has the right to experience enjoyment, pleasure, relaxation, laughter, and excitement while learning. The client must feel safe in the physical environment in order to approach therapy in a calm/relaxed manner and achieve success.

Our Core Principles


Why Choose Us?

Our clients can tell you why…

“The program that is conducted at BY YOUR SIDE is a great example of the most enthusiastic moments my son has. He is disappointed if appointments are missed, and looks forward to the visits every week. The techniques learned have made great strides in his day to day communication skills. He has specifically improved, in regards to appropriate speech etiquette.”
Linda Miller, Parent

"The director made me feel so comfortable when we first came in. My son loved the playground area, and the staff has been helpful, and supportive. My son has made progress and we are grateful.”
Proud BYS Parent

“In general, I think he is starting to be a bit more comfortable with things he had a hard time with. Also, I feel he is communicating his needs better.”
Proud BYS Parent

“Ever since my son began at BYS, he has become more outgoing and says hello to people he sees from his school.”
Proud BYS Parent

“Austin started to speak this summer.”
Proud BYS Parent

“We retired my son’s iPad and Proloquo2Go in December, 2014. He no longer needs this to communicate.”
Proud BYS Parent

“My son is starting to have a sense of humor. He gave his therapist a “real” nickname.”
Proud BYS Parent

“My son is improving in everything.”
Proud BYS Parent

“My son has become more comfortable in social settings. We can see a noticeable difference.”
Jorge Rodriguez, Parent

“Teachers were pleased and impressed with his improvement when he went back to school this fall.”
Proud BYS Parent

“My son finally has the confidence to approach other children and ask if they want to play with him. It took a lot for him to get to that point. I am so proud of him!”
Proud BYS Parent

“Robby is shaving, has greatly improved and is no longer an issue.”
Trina Bryant, Parent

“My kid has learned to express disappointment in an appropriate way. S/he has also shown a mild increase in appropriate social interaction with peers.”
Proud BYS Parent

“My son wakes up every Friday morning, and knows it’s Friday because he yells at the top of his lungs, ‘It’s BYS day!’ We are so thrilled that he loves to come to BYS.”
Laura Fischer, Parent

“I’m very happy to see how my son’s OT skills have improved as a result of some of the tasks he’s been working on. Anytime he plays with a toy independently (this isn’t often, but it’s an emerging skill), I get very excited!”
Proud BYS Parent

“He is vocalizing more.”
Proud BYS Parent

Note: Please keep in mind that each client is unique, and individual results may vary. Information was unsolicited by former clients and permission was granted to BY YOUR SIDE for use on this website.