ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy

ABA is an evidence-based treatment approach of recognizing and altering environmental contingencies to improve a socially significant behavior. Our ABA program has two branches: skill-building and behavior support using a language-based approach to address both areas.

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Our Mission

BY YOUR SIDE – Autism Therapy Services (BYS) is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum and their family. We understand that autism is a complex disorder and effective treatment requires a comprehensive approach specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual as well as the family.

We provide a language-based therapy approach in a variety of settings with a multidisciplinary team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, board certified behavior analysts, and support staff. Our dedicated team has expertise in the four hallmark characteristics of autism: communication, social interactions, maladaptive behaviors, and sensory.

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Autism Therapy Now Available in New Locations!

ABA Therapy is available in Morton Grove, IL, Burr Ridge, IL, Schaumburg, IL, and Tinley Park, IL. Center locations (Tinley Park, Morton Grove, Burr Ridge, & Schaumburg ) also offer Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Social Groups.