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Center, Home, and Community-based Autism Therapy is available
Now in Hamilton County and surrounding communities!

BY YOUR SIDE Autism Therapy Services provides professional, compassionate ABA Therapy to  Hamilton County and the surrounding communities. We offer center-based, in-home, and community-based services in order to help clients in a variety of settings based on the individual’s and family’s needs. Our trained staff of ABA Therapists is led by BCBA, Shaya Bates, a resident of Hamilton County, who is excited to help local families.  We accept most major insurance policies. Contact us now for a consultation.


ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy

ABA is an evidence-based treatment approach of recognizing and altering environmental contingencies to improve a socially significant behavior. Our ABA program has two branches: skill-building and behavior support using a language-based approach to address both areas.

The ABA program is tailored to each individual to meet the specific needs of the individual and the family. The number of hours and days is determined by the team, which includes the family. The time needed for therapy is based on a variety of factors including but not limited to other activities and therapies including number of hours spent in school, disruptiveness of behaviors, and skills needing to be acquired. It is our goal to teach skills and positive behaviors that can be generalized into the natural settings of life. Below is a list of some of the skills targeted by ABA. (This list is not inclusive.)

  • Global cognitive skills
  • Language concepts
  • Conversation skills
  • Social interactions
  • Play and leisure skills
  • Positive behavior training
  • Developing self-management skills
  • Functional cooperation skills (home, school, social)
  • Improving home routines (bedtime, dinnertime, etc)
  • Toilet training

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Hamilton County, IN

1108 S. 9th Street
Noblesville, Indiana 46060
Phone: (317) 922-2744



Shaya Bates, BCBA

Shaya has been in the field of ABA for 10 years, she has experience with children from early ages through young adulthood. She received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University, where she majored in social work. Shaya earned her Master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in Autism from Ball State University in 2011. Direct interactions with the children are the best part of each day for Shaya as a BCBA, “it is rewarding to watch them develop and learn!” Shaya is always excited to teach others about the field and She takes personal pride in providing quality programming. She has a passion for activity based learning and working in the natural environment. What excites her most about BYS is the focus on what’s best for the child and what works for the family. Shaya is very excited to bring BYS services to Indiana!

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