BYS is so proud to be a part of the Hamilton County, Indiana community!  Shaya Bates, the BCBA who leads our home based ABA services in Hamilton County, is working very hard to establish BYS as the “go to” for center, home, and community-based ABA therapy. Shaya has hosted sensory friendly events including a sensory friendly yoga class, and participated in festivals throughout the area to share the great news about BYS! She joined BYS in March, 2017 and has truly introduced us to the Hamilton County community as a resource for parents.  Here is more insight we received from Shaya about Hamilton County, their autism community and her take on home and community-based ABA therapy.

After 10 years of experience, what do you love about being a BCBA in the home environment? What keeps you so motivated and creative? 

I have worked in both clinic and in home settings, I feel that a combination of environments is best for the child to generalize skills!  As BCBAs it is our duty to work in all settings with the child and provide family training to maintain progress.  I love when the parents feel confident with implementing strategies without direct support because of our training sessions!

What are the main attributes a parent should look for in an excellent ABA program?

A company with great core principles like BYS!  Also, BCBAs who thoroughly understand both clinical and practical needs of the client and the family.

indy group therapist borderBYS is currently hosting its’ first Indianapolis area Summer Enrichment Program. Can you share some highlights?

We are having a lot of fun in this program!  We focus on building age-appropriate language skills, social skills, and school readiness skills.  This program is perfect for children who are working on higher level skills in a group setting.


In addition to BYS, what are a few great resources for children and families in the Indianapolis area?

Here’s a short list:

Carter’s Play Place is an adaptive play gym for children of all abilities. This is where we have hosted free yoga classes!

Silly Hearts Yoga hosts classes for kids and families in different locations throughout the community.

Conner Prairie is a fun place for families. They even have designated quiet spots for children to take breaks if they become overwhelmed.  You can pet goats and sheep in the barn, and there is a 3 story tree house with lots of sensory play activities.

“My Gym” in Fishers, Indiana is awesome!  This is a gross motor play gym that offers small classes for toddlers.

Hamilton County Public Library (Noblesville Branch) hosts Sensory Storytime and Sensory Movie Nights!

Can you tell us about Parent Training and how their involvement in home-based therapy sessions is beneficial?

Parent training is when clinicians get to demonstrate and explain the why to parents IN the actual session.  This gives them more insight into the goals and directly involves them in the direction of the program.  Often times therapy is seen as something that the child does during the day but it is so much more than that.  Parents who are able to continue the learning in other environments are giving their child consistency and more meaningful learning opportunities.  This typically leads to a quicker acquisition and generalization of skills.

Can you share how therapy can expand to other, everyday environments?

Challenging behaviors will decrease in structured environments with specific intervention.  So, we bring the therapy to those less structured REAL environments!  If your child has learned to sit appropriately for a meal at home, this does not always mean this skill will transfer to the community without practice and support. So, we provide therapy in settings where challenges are most likely to happen.  Other examples of those settings include the grocery store,  library and doctor’s office.

What sets BY YOUR SIDE apart from other Central Indiana area providers? 

Indy kids on couch border
BYS values their staff, they value their clients, and they value the whole family!  BYS will be a community resource for families in Indiana, just as they are for families in Illinois. I am so happy to be a part of the BYS team!



Shaya-B1 borderMore about Shaya Bates
Shaya has been in the field of ABA for 10 years, she has experience with children from early ages through young adulthood.  She received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University, where she majored in social work.  Shaya earned her Master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in Autism from Ball State University in 2011.  Shaya is always excited to teach others about the field, and she takes personal pride in providing quality programming.

Please call (317) 771-3068 if you would like to learn more about enrollment with BYS Hamilton County.  We are excited to meet you and your child!


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