Every individual is unique and makes a wonderful contribution to the world. 

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Dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. 

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“I’m very happy to see how my son’s OT skills have improved as a result of some of the tasks he’s been working on in ABA. Anytime he plays with a toy independently (this isn’t often, but it’s an emerging skill), I get very excited!”

-Proud BYS Parent

“My son finally has confidence to approach other children and ask if they want to play with him. It took a lot for him to get to that point.
I am so proud of him!”

-Proud BYS Parent

Take a tour of the BYS – Autism Therapy Services Center.

BY YOUR SIDE Autism Therapy Services

Dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.
We offer a multidisciplinary approach in a variety of settings – in-center, in-home, and
in-community. Our comprehensive approach includes ABA, occupational, and speech-language therapies, as well as counseling/family services.

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Halloween Tips and Tricks: Strategies for Coping with Your Child’s Fears

BY YOUR SIDE knows Halloween can be scary time of year for some children. To help you prepare for the upcoming holiday, we’ve prepared strategies to make Halloween an enjoyable holiday for everyone. Read More

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BYS 028 SibShops
Released: June 19, 2017

Six BYS therapists went to the official SibShops training where they learned how to facilitate a workshop for kids who have a sibling with special needs. Hear these therapists talk about what kids can expect during the workshop, the benefits of giving these kids their own time, and first-hand accounts of being someone who has a sibling with special needs.


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SPARK Event at BYS – Tinley Park

BYS would like to thank all the families that came out to our Tinley Park Center this past Saturday in support of the SPARK Autism Research event.

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