BYS Insurance Help

BY YOUR SIDE – Autism Therapy Services (BYS) recognizes the challenges parents face when looking to secure the best possible insurance coverage for their child who has been diagnosed with autism. We know that conversations with insurance companies often leave parents confused, frustrated and sometimes feeling hopeless in understanding what they are eligible for and how this may impact the cost of their child’s treatment.

BYS accepts insurance payments from most major insurance carriers for therapy services related to individuals on the autism spectrum.

We are committed to providing the support and assistance that is needed to know what to expect from your insurance provider and we will help you navigate through your policy so that you understand your benefits.

BYS accepts insurance as payment for the services that we provide. Presently, we are contracted with the following providers:

  • Aetna (ABA, Speech, OT)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (ABA, Speech, OT)

  • Chicago Health Systems (Speech, OT)

  • Cigna (Speech, OT)

  • Coventry Health Care (ABA, Speech, OT)

  • Health Plus Physicians Organization (Speech, OT)

  • Humana (Speech, OT)

  • Loyola HMO (ABA, Speech, OT)

  • Unified Physicians Network HMO (ABA, Speech, OT)

  • United Health Care (ABA, Speech, OT)

“Teachers were pleased and impressed with his improvement when he went back to school this fall.”
Proud BYS Parent

At BY YOUR SIDE, we help our clients by assisting in the navigation through the complexity of insurance companies and claims on their behalf. Although it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to completely understand their own benefits and eligibility, we are here to help.

BYS provides the following insurance support:

  • We contact the insurance company for clients to verify client benefits and eligibility

  • We seek out and confirm that both the client and BYS understands insurance policy coverages

  • BYS files billing on behalf of the client

  • BYS secures precertification of services (when applicable) and any required follow up for approval

  • BYS will provide any necessary therapy reports if requested by the insurance provider

  • BYS will file, on behalf of the client, any appeals on rejection to claims

  • BYS works in a collaborative manner with parents to help resolve any and all issues related to delays and/or rejection of claims

If you have any questions or would like to verify our in-network list please contact us at 630-590-5571.